The ideas supporting The HOPE Collection (THC) are to develop 21st Century "Hope's Hubs" as models built on the lessons from the past combined with the advancements in technology and the transitions in the geo-political global environment and market. The Hubs will be planted in regions and designed to be acceptable to the customs and traditions of that footprint while helping it employ the benefits of the models. The hubs will network globally to provide collaboration amongst valued partnerships at all levels of society.

"Servant leaders" will study the experiences of communities and leaders from past decades and combine them with the technologies of today to build sustainable models for tomorrow. Learning is a two-way process for students as they learn and join task forces to teach others. They learn to Pay It Forward. The educational model promotes "continuous progress" that builds a "cycle of appreciation." Receiving value, expressing thanks and paying value forward to others who do the same sustains appreciation. Everyone's value grows.

This approach is in opposition to an assembly line model where everyone must be on the same page at the same time and take standardized tests. People mature at varying rates, come from different physical environments and family experiences, process differently, have varying physical, mental, social and Spiritual templates, have varying personality patterns, emotional mindsets and collaborate differently. They are not cars coming off an assembly line. Such efforts to standardize students, builds sustainable "cycles of depreciation" that affect each person in ways they never recover from and that cost society in multiple ways.

The cycle of appreciation builds owners and caretakers that grow society while the cycle of depreciation builds defeated people who live dependently and drain society.  Students will learn the how, why, who, what and when needed to build the structure they need to help others achieve their goals. A generation ago, people felt that if they could just get an education and a job with a large corporation, through a union or with the government, they would be set for life; cash flow today, a pension tomorrow and benefits for life. A number of fortunate people have made it through the grinder and retired. To the extent that it has been true in the past, it is false today, yesterday's news. Corporation after corporation has laid off, out sourced, curtailed or ended pensions and benefits or just gone out of business leaving their loyal employees holding the bag. This speaks not at all about the Social Security and health system challenges.