Food / Clean Water


Industrialized countries eat food everyday that is loaded with preservatives and sugars.  The food that is not grown in a lab is often grown in soil and water that is infiltrated with chemicals.  Obesity is an epidemic in many countries.  Most underdeveloped nations drink and bathe in filthy water.  Suitable hygiene is non existent.  Both are challenges.

The development of hydroponics for organic foods is an exciting option.  Filtering and other means of processing to clean water, such as desalination, dumping restrictions in the oceans, and limitations on spraying all are promising.

Proper cooking oils and methods etc can serve positively as well.  Many large entities are becoming involved and improving distributions services.  Local farm and fishing initiatives funded by micro-financing are developing grass roots economies. 

THC is looking to identify emerging solution-based organizations and provide direct and allied support for them, facilitate this process and help build viable financial models with those that can drive the sustainable quality of life at all levels of society.



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