Countless faith based organizations operate around the globe.  Most tend to be the first on the job whether in times of catastrophic challenge or in the day-to-day tug and pull of those around them.  They come together to celebrate and console.  The organizations are a family and they support the family.  They provide hope where only they can find it!

When the rivers dry up, the oceans exceed their bounds, fire strikes or the skies empty, faith based organizations are there.  They baptize the newborn, marry their parents, hug those in hospice, bury those ready to move on and pray for all people.  They find food when there is none, dignity where it is lost and love the unloved.

They build orphanages for the discarded, manage hospitals that serve the masses, go to the jails to embrace the forgotten and stand in food lines whether they themselves have eaten or not.

If you haven’t got a penny you are still somebody to them. All they ask is that you be a steward of your talents and love your neighbor too.

At the end of the day, THC believes no amount is enough for support for these martyrs!











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