Whether it’s a wind farm, a nuclear facility, a waste-to-energy converter with turbines, algae growing, photo-voltaic cells, energy shingles, natural gas, energy cells, solar, geo-thermal or some combination, our society is moving from the fossil fuel dependence of the 20th century to alternative sources both at home and in commercial applications. 

The opportunity for localities to control their own energy sources and not be dependent upon foreign sources is an enormous incentive. The chance to reduce costs and contamination while enhancing sustainable performance is not only attractive to modernized societies, but it can help those with further to go leapfrog generations of static growth to a higher quality of life.

THC is looking to identify emerging solution-based organizations and provide direct and allied support for them, facilitate this process and help build viable financial models with those that can drive the sustainable quality of life at all levels of society.



Energy Parks:  Each of the following energy initiatives is situated in varying geo-political environments and has synergies with the social-economic entities of their communities / regions.  

Saratoga Technology + Energy Park® (STEP®)

Energy Park

Palisade Energy Park

Electricity Texas

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